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Partition Walls

Ufficio Design Italia offers a very wide range of mobile partition walls in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the customer.
The use of the office partitions, whether partition walls, glass partition walls or equipped parttopm walls, has had over the past 15 years a remarkable development, since the flexibility of the current job market has necessitated the use of extremely flexible office walls .
Today the movable partition walls are the ideal solution in furnishing offices, for their functionality, aesthetics, and competitive costs. The range of office mobile partition walls is divided into: model One equipped wall partition units, office partitions One series, glass dividing partition walls for offices and Style and Crystal glass partitions series.
The office mobile partitions One series can be configured with various types of different modules: the vertical modules for the partition walls are at their most traditional shape; in the horizontal modules in the office partition walls are expressed in their most executive and exclusive shape; both office wall partition solutions can be either in the version with blind modules both in the version with glass modules.
The equipped partition One series are characterized by high functionality, by meeting with one product the need to build cabinets for archive and the need to separate office spaces with walls. The equipped partition units are available with solid doors or glass doors and are supplied with metal shelves that offer very high delivery capacity. The partitions for office One series are distinguished by the internal structure in metal box, double-skirt in melamine and internal soundproofing mat for optimum acoustic performance.
The modularity of the partition walls allows for any design solution, ensuring a fully satisfactory outcome.
Ufficio Design Italia also produces series of glass walls for Crystal and Style series. Both glass partittion walls are monolithic and are composed by structural glazing, that is, that there is no need of frames or bearing profiles, so the aesthetic result is a completely glazed mobile wall without interruption elements. On the floor and ceiling there is an aluminum profile with reduced size, in order not to affect the aesthetics of the glass walls, of course maintaining the highest quality standards of resistance and soundproofing. The many possibilities of customization of mobile partition walls of Office Design Italy allow the creation of unique and exclusive projects.

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