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The principle that Ufficio Design Italia adopted throughout the production of office furniture it the full satisfaction of the customer and final user. This concept is best expressed in the range of chairs, seats, armchairs and sofas for office. The technique and the Italian Design merge into one product. The passion, the tradition, the ideas and the studies on the proper posture, all this is present in Ufficio Design Italia office chairs. The production process of a sitting, starts from the project implemented by the best designers and technicians, operating for years in office chairs field, and the use of the best materials such as 1st quality leathers, first quality fabrics or nets, metal shells or first quality plastic components. An office chair "made in Italy" can be recognized at first glimpse and it guarantees comfort, duration, and compliance with the existing rules.
The models of office chairs that Ufficio Design Italia offers to its customers are divided into armchairs and executive seats, ergonomic chairs and managerial / operational chairs, armchairs and sofas in the waiting lounge series. The constant research and the technical evolution, the craftsmanship, the refined and exclusive design, the use of the best sector components, are the hallmark of our chairs.
Ufficio Design Italia allows its customers the opportunity to customize at will the office chairs, using the most variety of coatings and color finishes.

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