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Operational Office Furniture

The production of office furniture for the office operational office proposals from Ufficio Design Italia are the result of deep ergonomic and design studies on the operational office furniture . The customer's request for operational office furniture is very simple: functional office furniture, ergonomic, aesthetically beautiful, durable and at the right quality / price ratio. These requests were addressed by engineers and designers of Ufficio Design Italia with expertise and passion, and the office furniture models for operational office that we are able to offer are based on the full to these requirements. The office desks and multiple workstations are available in a wide variety of materials, colors and ergonomic shapes, the office cabinets become real pieces of furniture and can be used as separators for the workstations. The operational office chairs are produced in many variations of shapes and upholsterings. The welfare of workers is secured by operating office furniture and office chairs, designed to achieve the maximum results in ergonomics and efficiency, combined with exclusive Italian design in office furniture. The operating office furniture collections are also completed with meeting rooms, meeting lounges, call canter furnishings, and reception. The operative office furnishing lines proposed by Ufficio Design Italia are many, this to ensure the customer the best possibility of aesthetic choice and at competitive prices.

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