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To Create ideal and functional office furniture is our mission. After 25 years of experience in the office furniture industry, we are able to propose most technically advanced and with the unique Italian Design, which is recognized worldwide as the best. The types of office furniture that distinguish our collections are the best ton the office furniture market, and is the result of continuous studies on operations and of the well-being to offer to their employees. The use of the best raw materials, non-toxic materials, in-depth ergonomic studies of the person led to the production of furniture for executive and operational office furniture that not only fully meet the most stringent safety regulations, but at the same time they have a sophisticated and exclusive design.

Directional and executive office furniture are manufactured using the most refined and precious materials. Workmanship and handcrafted details blend with a unique design making collections of furniture Executive Offices a true symbol of "made in Italy" office furniture production. The use of excellent materials such as fine woods, glass with hand-workmanship, top-quality leather, the design of the best Italian designers, distinguish the production of Ufficio Design Italia.

The furnishings of operational offices are manufactured at its plants or related companies of Ufficio Design Italia with the use of the most modern production facilities of the office furniture industry. The study of posture and ergonomics of the person were the input to achieve the production of the operational office furniture that meet the most demanding needs of customers, by matching these needs with an image at the forefront aesthetic. The many color finishes make the furniture collections of customizable at will.

Complete the furnishings range: reception, meeting rooms, libraries, cupboards and folding tables.

Colors and materials are essential for us to stay ahead

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