Which Chair to choose for the Office

22 October 2021 News

A comfortable chair does not tire your back and consequently allows you to increase your work performance. The posture of our office chairs is specially designed to avoid back problems due to muscle inflammation that can occur after many hours of working on the computer.

Our wide range of office chairs is specially developed to offer its user the greatest possible comfort. The armchairs are height-adjustable and reclining, have very comfortable armrests and comply with the standards required by safety at work. By carefully browsing our product catalogue relating to office chairs, you will undoubtedly find the ones that best suit your office and your needs.

The vast assortment of colors and models that we make available to our customers is truly amazing and gives you the opportunity to fully satisfy your needs and expectations.

Our office chairs are made with high-quality fabrics and leathers, drawing inspiration from the fashions of the moment by applying them to colors, technical features and design.
Ufficio Design Italia offers you the best products in the sector available on the market, offering high-quality office chairs that can be well inserted in your studies and work offices.
The three main office chair collections we offer are Executive, Managerial / Operative and Lounge Waiting.

Executive type office chairs

They are designed and built specifically to be positioned in executive and presidential offices using top quality materials and devices. For this type we have various lines such as Quadro, Emily, Yes, Visual Comfort, Visual Net, Visual Slim, Nice, Sky, Soul, Modena, Design Net, Design Slim and Time.

Managerial / operative office chairs

They comply with the most recent regulations relating to safety and health at work for the protection of sedentary workers and for those who work for a long time at the computer. For this category, we have the following lines: Check, Blog, Vector, B-side, Tokio, Joy, Bonn, Web.

Lounge waiting office chairs

They are produced to make the reception areas pleasant and comfortable for the public, making the decor of your waiting room unique and refined. Our assortment of armchairs, sofas and office chairs is very wide and has been created precisely to try to make the people waiting for you live an experience that is very reminiscent of a comfortable and familiar environment.

For this category we have the following lines: Memory, Fashion, Cool, Beauty, Vanity, Bibo, Wall, Malta, Puff, Unique, Star, Win, Air, Drin, Stool.

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