Office partition walls, create new spaces in your rooms

21 October 2021 News

The spread of office partition walls

For several years now, mobile office partition walls have spread to work environments. Thanks to the many existing types (office partitions, equipped and made of different materials, primarily glass), they have managed to establish themselves as an option with great flexibility. By evaluating the price office walls, you will have a tool capable of responding perfectly to the specific needs of heterogeneous realities. Try to think, for example, of the presence of “open space” or the frequent adoption of lofts. However, these solutions, while undeniably modern, risk having a negative impact on privacy and concentration.

Whether they are in glass or wood, fixed or mobile, the choice of the best office partitions is linked to the intended use of the spaces. And the office furniture walls prices are easily sustainable.

The advantages of the office wall units

What are the main advantages of movable walls? First of all, versatility. Sliding partitions, or interlocking models, are easy to move to change the face of open space. Furthermore, by using an office partition wall, the degree of privacy will increase. By adopting office partitions in frosted glass, it is possible to create private offices, waiting rooms or areas to be allocated to meetings that allow light to filter through without letting the images of what happens inside leak out. By opting for laminated tempered glass walls, you can rely on particularly resistant support.

Learn more about glass office partitions

The market offers both single-glass and double-glass office panels and, as far as transparency is concerned, extra clear, transparent or satin models are available. With frosted glass you will create a filter designed to maintain privacy while ensuring excellent brightness. Another advantage linked to the presence of glass walls? Creating offices even in spaces without any window. And the transparency ensured by the glass is perfect for those looking for continuity solutions and greater communication between operational departments.

Why buy office furniture partitions

Taking into account the price of office partitions, functionality and aesthetic taste, there is no doubt that movable walls are a winning idea for furnishing studios and offices. Office Design Italia stands out among the Italian companies that specialized in the creation of movable walls. Our extensive catalogue offers different series of walls, from equipped to partition walls, up to glass walls.

Modularity and functionality of office walls

One of the most interesting aspects of partition walls is the possibility of being configured by adopting different modules. If you prefer “traditional” solutions, you can use vertical modules, while more exclusive are the movable walls with horizontal modules.

In terms of functionality, the office wall units were created to satisfy more than one need, leading you to purchase a single item. By mounting the movable walls you can not only separate the rooms with office walls from each other, but also create cabinets for the archive. Available in glass, or equipped with solid doors, there are also models which, inside, have a series of metal shelves. Excellent “acoustic” performance. Corporate environments characterized by a large number of employees forced to share a limited space have a guarantee of tranquillity and confidentiality precisely in the sound-absorbing office walls.

Another winning element of mobile office partitions is their modularity. This feature makes it possible to choose between several design solutions, with the certainty of obtaining a final result that lives up to expectations.

Installation of partitions for office attractive prices

The installation of a glass office wall is surprisingly quick and, above all, not very invasive, especially taking into account the timing required by the partition walls for masonry offices. Furthermore, unlike what happens for plasterboard, it does not require construction work. In the event that the company organization is subject to frequent changes due to the continuous variation in the number of personnel, with the market price partition walls the time to adapt the spaces to the new situation will be reduced. At the limit, it will always be possible to integrate existing office wall units by adding additional panels.

Price office equipped walls

In addition to being mobile solutions and, as such, easily removable, the costs to be incurred for the office walls, in addition to the purchase of the office wall unit, are only those relating to labor. The equipped movable walls are also very safe, as the electrical, telephone, wiring and air conditioning systems find space inside. This will facilitate any technical interventions on the office furniture partitions. By equipping the walls with lighting systems, shelving, hangers and containers, you can customize the spaces as you wish.

Office furniture walls: why rely on Ufficio Design Italia

What have you read so far intrigued you about the office wall? Would you like to know more about partitions and office partitions prices? Then contact us for a free and no-obligation quote, and to find out about our price dividers. We will put the professionalism gained over the years at your service, illustrating the quality of the materials of our office walls, and the goodness of a project that has the backbone in Made in Italy. Office panels for any company await you.