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22 October 2021 News

Bring the smell of change to your office

The working environment is extremely important for the well-being of workers: a comfortable, practical and well-organized environment is essential for increasing efficiency and productivity. But often the importance of workspaces is underestimated.

It has been widely recognized that dark, old and distracting environments negatively affect workers’ performance and mood.

Renewing one’s offices therefore becomes necessary. Without forgetting that a modern and accessible environment is also a business card for the quality that is offered in one’s work.

Brighten your day with Glazed Offices

Glass partition walls for offices are an extremely important detail, they help to increase natural light and choosing them carefully can help make spaces more modern, elegant, comfortable and functional.

The choice of glass walls for offices makes the spaces minimal, always bright and immediately communicating despite a functional separation

This type of office glass wall guarantee privacy thanks to the soundproofing, and at the same time allow you to always have at your glance what happens in the adjacent offices.

Trust in made in Italy, quality at the right price

Our glass walls for offices are available in the fixed and mobile version, in both cases with a clean aesthetic without interruption elements: monolithic glass sheets, are supported by anodized aluminum profiles on the ground and on the ceiling, but the perception of fragility is only apparent: office glass walls are in fact extremely resistant thanks to the extreme attention that our company places in the details of each processing phase, down to the smallest finishing touches.

The office glass partitions are 5 + 5 mm thick with internal safety film, and you can buy the type of office glass that suits you best, office glass with etched, silk-screened or painted glass.

You will be able to customize your glass offices at extremely competitive prices: consult with our experts to verify the most suitable components for your workplace.

Glass office partition walls:

• Vertical office glass partitions modules
• Horizontal office partition glass modules
• Office glass walls with sliding doors
• Hinged office glass walls

An exclusive and elegant product in step with the times

The choice of glass walls for offices guarantees a refined and unparalleled aesthetic, and by relying on our team you will not have to fear having made a risky choice: the walls of our production can be modified with continuous finishes and additions in line with your taste. and times change, so you can always update your office glass wall in the simplest and lightest way possible.

Light as our office windows and our prices!

At each stage of the project, from the decisions to the realization, you will never be left alone but you can count on the support of interior designers and architects of incredible experience.

We will provide you with quality and bespoke glass office walls.