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22 October 2021 News

Ufficio Design Italia: the best mobile solution for your office

Ufficio Design Italia has been operating in the office furniture sector for 25 years, a company that passionately offers innovative ideas is able to offer countless solutions for office furniture. The company is based in Modena but operates throughout Italy with presence in major cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Padua, Genoa, Florence, Venice, Trento, Verona, Bolzano. Our experts will be at the customer’s disposal for choosing the best solution for the interior design of the offices, our factories are characterized by the very high quality of production among the best Italian designers to provide the customer with professionalism, reliability, low prices and excellent materials, all the best made in Italy to meet the customer’s needs.

Quality of materials and customized offers

Ufficio Design Italia offers its experience in the office furniture sector to small, medium and large companies. We also offer our offers to architects and technical designers in general, who are able to work and satisfy every need in the field of office furniture. Our company will work on executive and operational office furniture, or customize wooden or laminated glass walls, and office reception. All products are guaranteed by our brand and in addition to the standard sizes, they can be made in a personalized way on the customer’s request, who will be supported in the creation of the project by our experts.

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The care of the materials, the best savings

Ufficio Design offers a wide range of solutions for furnishing office furniture. The customer will be followed from the design phase to the final phase of the product. Our expert architects will be at the customer’s complete disposal to evaluate the best materials. In fact, Ufficio Design Italia works only with the best materials. The processing of the materials will be carefully supervised by the most expert craftsmen in the sector. A careful choice of the right materials will allow a sure saving in the medium to long term, as the duration of the office furniture will be better and they will be more resistant to wear.

All customized solutions: our services

As already mentioned, our solutions for executive office furniture are designed by the best designers through production techniques of advanced technologies that exploit the best materials and raw materials. The craftsmanship will allow for further attention to detail and the effective customization of the product. We also offer furniture for meeting and conference rooms. Also with regard to office furniture, reception furniture, meeting rooms, bookcases and movable walls, the varied offer will be directly proportional to the customer’s needs and needs, agreed with our experts who will be able to give a positive response to any need.

Choosing Ufficio Design Italia will allow you to give a unique touch to office furniture, both the worker and the customer will feel at ease at home in the interior furnishings manufactured by our company. For any request and quote, or if you want to dispel any doubts, our staff will be at your complete disposal. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.